CRM Integration: Adding a Request Recommendation Button

You can create a custom button in your or other CRM that automatically formats an email for sending a recommendation request.  Here is how it works:
  • Have a button on the clients contact/info page labeled "Request Recommendation"
  • When clicked, it opens the users default email program (ex: Outlook, gmail, etc.)
  • Automatically adds the relevant to:, from:, Subject:, and text of the body
Here are the steps to create this in
  1. Navigate to the Contact page
  2. From Setup, click 'Customize' and select 'Buttons'
  3. Click 'New Button'
  4. Add button attributes:  content source of button = URL, and put this:
mailto:[client_email]?subject="Please write me a recommendation"&body="Hi "[client_name]","<br> ,<br>  "This is "[SENDER_NAME]" and I have a favor to ask of you.  If you feel I've done a good job for you, please consider writing me a recommendation that I can share online with others interested in my service.",<br> ,<br> 
To do so, please click on the link below.  You will NOT need to create an account.
"Thank you!"

For other CRM systems the above flow for creating this button or link will be similar.  Please contact Reach150 for any assistance.

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